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MSN Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

Become an FNP

Deliver family-focused care. Work with patients on maintaining long-term health and wellness. As a licensed independent professional, you will specialize in primary care across the life span. Become an effective quality-driven nurse practitioner. Join us in our vision to develop solutions for the most important nursing challenges pertaining to health and health equity in our diverse communities.

Lead by Example

You’ve been on the front lines of patient care. Now it’s your time to lead. Our faculty are experts in their field. Applying their real-world knowledge and experience to your education. Currently working in primary care settings, our faculty ensure students are prepared to lead in health care.

Why UNM?

We find your clinical placements.

Program focuses on care for rural and underserved.

We are part of a large Health Sciences system.

Scholarship and grant dollars available. 

Faculty leading the field in research and practice.

100% certification for licensure pass rate.

Application Deadline

Summer Entry

August 25 – October 23

Admissions considers all verified applications received by the deadline.

Learn More About What Sets Us Apart

We find your clinical placements.

No scrambling. No waiting. No guessing. We have a dedicated team to support all your clinical placements needs. Yes, that includes finding your preceptors.

But that also includes all the details that could be overlooked. The clinical affairs team will ensure you are prepared and stay in compliance with all on-boarding requirements of your clinical sites.

Our students benefit greatly from a wide variety of clinical sites. Urban tertiary care and academic institutions, community-based health centers, private small-town clinics and the Indian Health Service, just to name a few.

Explore Practice at UNM

We are uniquely New Mexico.

FNPs are vital to New Mexicans, providing critical primary care to its citizens. Our program uniquely focuses on the health and health equities of our state.

Not to mention that unlike other parts of the county, nurse practitioners are licensed independent practitioners with full prescriptive authority. The path is already paved. The collaborative relationships are established.

Not from New Mexico? Visit to learn about our state. 


We serve the underserved.

Our program is designed to teach and expose you to caring for the rural and underserved communities of New Mexico. We are unique in this mission.

Our students participate in clinical experiences outside of Albuquerque. They go all over New Mexico, serving those who need them the most. Learning happens through immersion and is guided in part by dedicated preceptors.

Faculty focused on you.

Our faculty want you to be successful. You will quickly notice they are deeply vested in your success. Communication is key, whether it’s a question about an assignment or life’s bumps in the road, faculty are here to listen and work with you to reach that finish line.

Dedicated to Primary Care.

The commitment to primary care looks different for each faculty member. Each of them bringing their diverse background to the classroom, simulation lab and your clinical experiences.

Our faculty are involved in innovative and collaborative ways to bring care to all. Christine Cogil, DNP, MPS, RN, FNP-BC, FNP Concentration Coordinator, Clinician Educator, Associate Professor is a prime example of working interprofessionally to serve our community.

Most of our faculty are active in clinical practice. They are up to date on clinical standards and the real-world practice environment. Our faculty are committed to your success.

Explore our Faculty

Ensuring your success.

With small class sizes and a hands-on learning approach, we are focused on supporting you. We know each student is different and we have the resources in place to ensure your successes.

Your faculty will provide tailored feedback and support. But that is not all. Students have access to our MSN Student Success Coordinators. The coordinators offer services to students either on an individual basis or in small groups based on their needs.

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Explore FNP at UNM

Your future is here in New Mexico. Your next step is UNM. Our accredited and innovative program prepares you to serve all ages. Learn more about our program and why you should choose UNM.

Headshot Kristin Rivera

Nursing is a constant field of learning and I knew that I wanted to pursue a higher level. I worked as a nurse on an inpatient Adult Oncology Unit. Becoming a nurse practitioner appealed to me because I wanted to care for the patients I took care of on a different level. I wanted to be able to provide the best healthcare as possible for my patients so that they would not end up in the hospital away from their normal lives and family.

Kristin Rivera, MSN, FNP, Advance Practice Provider for Hematology Oncology and Stem Cell Transplants UNM Cancer Center, BSN 2014, MSN 2018

Your Career as a FNP.

Graduates of this program are prepared to serve in; clinics, private offices/private practice, hospice centers, nurse-managed health centers, urgent care clinics, school clinics, home health care, community health centers and much more.

Your Future Job

The goal is simple–become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Stay goal oriented. Take a look at the current FNP jobs and salaries in New Mexico and beyond.

Each of Us Defines All of Us

At UNM we are a culture of contrast rather than a contrast of cultures.  What makes us different makes us strong.  Our diverse backgrounds – your diverse backgrounds – enhances our insights and learning.  Raise awareness and respect for all the different ways of being and thinking. 

We don’t just talk about diversity. We put it into practice. Resulting in a deeper connection to all your future patients.  From the beginning of your education you will serve the underserved.  You will walk with empathy and understanding of others. 

Four students outside walking

FNP Program Contact

FNP Concentration Coordinator, Clinician Educator, Associate Professor
Christine Cogil, DNP, MPS, RN, FNP-BC
College of Nursing
Building 228
Room 218
1 University of New Mexico

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