Epidemiology Concentration

Prepare for a career as a master’s level epidemiologist or research scientist. Your degree will prepare you to work in settings such as the New Mexico Department of Health, the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and other public health research and service organizations.

Choose the epidemiology concentration if you:

  • Want to develop your practical expertise in solving complex public health problems using data
  • Value diversity, self-reflection and critical analysis
  • Want to build a healthier, safer world

In this concentration, you’ll develop expertise to:

  • Study the trends, patterns and causes related to disease in populations
  • Analyze how data, population studies and health intersect by using statistical reasoning and methods to address major problems in public health
  • Practice evidence-based public health to improve overall health of populations
  • Investigate disease outbreaks and identify solutions

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Concentration Requirements

The MPH degree consists of 42 total credits. Information is currently being updated. Please contact your faculty advisor.