Health Systems, Services and Policy Concentration

Make a difference by improving population health and decreasing health inequity. Earn your Master of Public Health.

Health Systems, Services and Policy Concentration

Prepare for work in health organizations and policy arenas, where impactful strategies are debated and decided. Choose the health systems, services and policy concentration for your Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program at UNM’s College of Population Health.

Choose the health systems, services and policy concentration if you:

  • Want to identify important issues affecting international health policies, health systems and healthcare services
  • Would like to be a leader guiding decision making and collaboration with interdisciplinary professionals
  • Value diversity, self-reflection and critical analysis

In this concentration, you’ll develop expertise to:

  • Apply theoretical and methodological approaches to analysis of health policies of systems and healthcare services
  • Identify and analyze key intersectoral stakeholders
  • Apply principles of leadership, ethics and management to guide decision making and foster collaboration
  • Process, analyze, interpret and translate health systems, population and policy databases

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Concentration Requirements

The MPH degree consists of 42 total credits. Information is currently being updated. Please contact your faculty advisor.

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