MSCR: Master's of Science in Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Research Concentration

Photo: UNM HSC StudentsAbout the MSCR Program

The MSCR is a multidisciplinary competency-based concentration which uses adult learning principles as its foundation and incorporates 12 domains of study. These domains were selected based on a "straw man" process drawing on the domains of competency of successful clinical and translational researchers. The MSCR concentration has been developed to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to develop competency in these twelve domains. The concentration encompasses a 38-credit individualized learning experience with a 14-credit core curriculum (required), 14-credits of electives, 4-credits of seminar, and a 6-credit thesis. Objectives are linked with formative and summative assessments to provide learners with sufficient feedback to gauge their progress in attaining the competencies.

ANNOUNCEMENT: To all training grant applicants (institutional and individual) and Clinical Fellowship and Residency Program Directors: The MSCR and related Certificate program (CCTS) are excellent opportunities to provide training to Clinical or Research Fellows and/or Junior Faculty. However, due to the limited space available and the increased interest and demand, a Letter of Institutional Support signed by Dr. Shiraz Mishra, MSCR/CCTS Program DIrector, must be obtained PRIOR to listing these training programs in any internal or external grant applications. Please contact the BREP office for more information.

photo: UNM HSC faculty and students in classMSCR Program Goals

The purpose of the MSCR is to provide learners, having previously earned a terminal degree (i.e., PhD, MD, PharmD), with the didactic and experiential learning necessary to conduct NIH-funded clinical and translational research.

The program's mission is to produce skilled clinical and translational researchers dedicated to sound scientific clinical research and scholarship, conducted in an ethical and culturally sensitive manner, who will facilitate novel therapeutic interventions contributing to the transformation of human health and health care within the State of New Mexico.

photo: UNM HSC student studying outside the HSLIC libraryMSCR Program Expectations

A pre-requisite for the MSCR is to be admitted into and complete the first six months in the CCTS program.  The MSCR program begins after completion of the first six months of the CCTS program January of each year and is designed to be completed in two years. Level 1 competency is developed in all 12 domains during the CCTS program with higher Level (2 and above) competencies developed during the MSCR component.  These competencies are customized for each student during the remainder of the program.  Once admitted to the MSCR, learners will prepare an individual needs assessment to identify knowledge, skills and abilities related to the clinical and translation science competencies they may lack from their prior education, training and experience.  Together with the MSCR Committee on Studies and their mentor, learners will then develop an individualized Program of Studies that will prepare them to become independent investigators in clinical and translational research.

The program is designed to accommodate the working student. , however, all applicants require a commitment from their employer/supervisor for 50% release time to successfully complete the program in the prescribed amount of time. Please see the MSCR brochure for more information.