At the UNM Brain & Behavioral Health Institute (BBHI), we harness the efforts of our top UNM researchers, clinicians and educators along with our NM community of patients, families, advocates and providers to deliver state of the art research initiatives and education about brain and behavioral health.

Brain and behavioral illnesses are disorders that originate in the brain and can affect multiple areas of a person's life including their movements, thoughts, moods, body functions and behaviors. Different disorders can strike at every stage of life. In early childhood, developmental disorders can include autism and dyslexia. Schizophrenia and depression are often diagnosed in early adulthood, and as we age we become increasingly susceptible to Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, and other diseases. Traumatic brain injuries are common and can happen to anyone at anytime.

Brain and behavioral disorders strike New Mexicans of all ages and from every background. Indeed, it would be difficult to find a New Mexican family that hasn't been touched by at least one of the numerous brain/behavioral disorders. These disorders are devastating to families and are some of the most common and costly to society.