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Tele-Behavioral Health

Program Overview

Program Description

Promote behavioral health workforce development opportunities for providers of medical and behavioral healthcare in rural/frontier New Mexico.  Provide access to psychiatric specialists with particular expertise in child/adolescent and substance-use disorders via telehealth technology to populations in rural/frontier New Mexico Foster collaboration between primary care and behavioral health providers. 

The program provides options for distance education (from didactic instruction to case consultation to collaborative assessment and/or treatment) for providers of medical and behavioral healthcare in rural/frontier areas while also directly improving access to psychiatric services.  Our approach includes the provision of educational credits for participating providers, and ensures that community providers will be able to bill for time spent co-treating clients through telehealth when appropriate.  Emphasis is placed on the dissemination, modeling, and use of evidence-based practice through training, consultation, and a model of patient-and-family-centered interdisciplinary collaborative care.


Increase access to specialty psychiatric services throughout New Mexico via telehealth. Increase clinician ability and satisfaction with skills specific to people with behavioral health problems. Establish and support communication and collaboration between clinicians in School-Based Health Centers and local primary care providers.



  • Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Teleconference Series
  • Indian Health Services Primary Care Providers Teleconference Series
  • School-Based Health Centers Case Consultations

Clinical Collaborations

  • Direct Services
  • Case Consultations