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Pediatric Behavioral Health

Help improve your child’s mood, daily functioning and relationships by seeking care from pediatric behavioral health specialists at UNM Health System – home to UNM Children’s Psychiatric Center, the only facility of its kind in New Mexico. Partner with us to develop a care plan that reflects your family’s needs, culture and socioeconomic concerns. You and your child will get tools and support to achieve your goals for fulfilling, productive lives.

Conditions We Treat

Count on our experienced therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists to care for children and young adults who experience:
•    Brain injuries
•    Disruptive behavior disorders
•    Family and relationship issues
•    Intellectual disabilities
•    Mental illness
•    Mood disorders
•    Trauma
•    Trouble at school

Extensive Behavioral Health Services

Pediatric professionals will talk with your family, review medical records and other documents, and, if necessary, provide psychological tests or neuropsychological exams to determine what treatments might help. Your family or child may benefit from:
•    Individual therapy
•    Group therapy
•    Family therapy
•    School-based therapy
•    Recreational and art therapy
•    Multisystemic therapy – Addresses the homes, families, friends, schools and neighborhoods of young offenders.
•    Community family team – Brings together a family, along with teachers, coaches, mentors and other professionals, to solve problems and support at-risk youths.
•    Inpatient care – Stabilizes and protects youths experiencing a behavioral health crisis.
•    Medication management
•    Referrals to community resources

Dialectical Behavioral Informed Therapy

Dialectical behavioral informed therapy can help your child manage and understand strong emotions. He or she learns how to:
•    Stay calm and aware in difficult situations.
•    Reduce emotional pain and stress.
•    Get along with others.
•    Make healthy life choices and accept responsibility for actions.
•    Feel confident and in control.

Recovery & Resiliency

In our recovery and resiliency model of care, your child takes an active role by learning how to:
•    Identify and use strengths.
•    Set and achieve goals at home and school.
•    Make healthy choices with confidence.
•    Ask for help.

Prepare for Your Child’s Appointment

Bring these items to your child’s first appointment with a behavioral health care provider:
•    Child’s insurance card
•    Child’s Social Security card
•    List of current medications
•    Results of any previous mental and physical health evaluations
•    School individualized education program document, if relevant
•    Legal papers indicating the child’s guardian(s), if relevant


UNM Children’s Psychiatric Center
1001 Yale Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Phone: 505-272-2890

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