African American Health

Center for Excellence in African American Health (CEAAH) 

The Center for Excellence in African American Health (CEAAH) revives and applies cultural advocacy for sustainable health and human development through innovative approaches and ancestral ways of knowing that transform chaos into a restorative culture of health promotion, protection, disease prevention and control.

CEAAH strives to undo oppression by using emancipatory education that transforms the negative life course trajectory in the lives of People of African Descent (PAD). In the search for meaning and support for sustaining the sacredness of diversity, and application of ways of knowing, CEAAH will embrace transdisciplinary human sciences to navigate the pathways of teaching, research and service for PAD throughout the diaspora. Noting the historical accomplishments of PAD in STEAM-H from the Nile Valley Civilization to the present; faculty, staff, students as a new cadre commit to the advancement of the art and science of restorative healing through personal and community excellence. This central mission consists of strategic Afrocentric education, leadership development, transformative optimism and teaching conducted in a social atmosphere of solidarity and scholarly inquiry into the nature, causation, prevention and therapy of structural violence and syndemic diseases.

CEAAH focuses on:

  • Health and Human Development
  • Education
  • Research
  • Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Concern for the Community
  • Reclaiming African Values