Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Research

In vitro and in cell studies. Animal models. Translational studies. Community-based intervention. Train with the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology research team that does it all.

Key Focus Areas 

  • Diseases affecting New Mexico’s population 
  • Metabolism and metabolic disease 
  • Cancer biology and cancer therapeutics 
  • Biochemistry education research 

We’re also advancing health and education across New Mexico through programs at Zuni Pueblo and San Juan College.

Discipline-Based Education Research

Discipline-based education research (DBER) is an emerging field that integrates current research on human learning and cognition with the worldview, disciplinary priorities, content knowledge and practices shared by scientists and engineers.

At UNM, you'll study how people master concepts and practices in biochemistry. Explore the nature and development of expertise and work with leading experts to define specific learning goals. UNM faculty adapt our instruction to ensure academic and research success.