Goals and Objectives

The UNM Department of Dermatology has developed aims and goals consistent with the UNM HSC Vision, Mission and Core Values to help New Mexico progress in its health and health equity. The UNM Dermatology Residency Program cultivates an environment of active inquiry, curiosity, scholarly pursuit and academic collaboration. The faculty currently consists of seven full-time faculty, committed part-time/volunteer faculty, as well as jointly-appointed faculty from complementary specialties, specifically selected and retained by the Chair/PD for their dedication to excellence in resident education. There is ongoing active recruitment of faculty with the anticipated addition of several new faculty members in the next year.

UNM Dermatology Residency Program Guiding Objectives

  • To recruit residents of diverse interests and backgrounds with strong potential to become exceptional clinicians, advocates and leaders in dermatology who will serve their communities with integrity.
  • To cultivate a supportive, safe, inclusive, collaborative learning and working environment that will foster excellence, personal wellness and professional growth.
  • To train residents to provide ethical, safe, patient-centered, evidence-based dermatologic care, and to expertly treat routine and complex dermatologic conditions in patient populations of all ages and skin types in ambulatory, inpatient and virtual health-care settings.
  • To guide residents in acquisition of a broad, evidence-based fund of knowledge, both medical and procedural, via clinical experience, reading, lectures and advanced educational tools.
  • To teach and model the values of lifelong learning and humanism.
  • To mentor and foster residents’ individualized professional development to achieve their unique career goals.


 During the course of the 3-year training program, we will ensure:

  • Experience with a diverse patient population, with a wide variety of cutaneous pathology, including adult, pediatric, and surgical/procedural cases
  • Acquisition of excellent medical decision-making, technical and communication skills to optimize overall patient outcomes
  • Continuity of patient care and safety, as pertains to both patients and providers
  • Meticulous adherance to the ACGME Guidelines of clinical experience and education hours
  • Appropriate progression along all ACGME-designated Milestones .
  • A culture of professionalism, quality improvement and personal responsibility.
  • Meaningful and timely feedback.
  • Awareness and knowledge related to societal and financial issues in an ever-changing health care environment.
  • We support personal wellness for sustainable engagement in the field of Dermatology through mentorship, collaboration, and program flexibility.
  • We assure that resident well-being is addressed in discussions and didactics on a regular basis, including Grand Rounds and Program Director/Resident monthly meetings, particularly because the COVID-19 pandemic situation is stressful.
  • We provide and receive training on physician burnout, depression and substance abuse at orientation and at least twice a year thereafter.


  • New Mexico has fewer than 50 board-certified dermatologists and would require at least 80 to supply basic access to the State's population as of 2020.

    Therefore, we aim:

    To expand the Dermatology Residency Program and retain graduating residents in New Mexico to increase      access to outstanding dermatologic care for all New Mexicans.

  • To assist the State of New Mexico’s need for skilled and competent practicing physicians by actively engaging in training and educational efforts in Dermatology for medical students, residents in primary care training programs, and primary care colleagues around the state.