Milagro Clinic

If you are pregnant and battling substance abuse, you are making the right choice by seeking care at Milagro Clinic. Our caring staff of family medicine providers and counselors will help you work toward a healthier future for your family, during and after pregnancy.

Take the Next Step

Start your journey to recovery at UNM. You’ll receive comprehensive, compassionate care from our team of experts.

Compassionate Care

The Milagro Program started in 1989 as the first program of its kind in New Mexico. In addition to medical services, the Milagro Program provides outpatient counseling and case management support.

Here, you’ll receive prenatal care from family medicine providers in the UNM outpatient family medicine clinics. Together with medical, nursing and counseling staff, you’ll get frequent follow-up and compassionate care before and after pregnancy.  

Who Can Enroll?

Any pregnant woman with a history of or current substance use issues can receive care. We use buprenorphine (Subutex) to help women with opioid addictions safely transition to sobriety.

Our team of providers will monitor you and your newborn during inpatient hospital stays, forming a treatment plan based on your specific needs. We work closely with the FOCUS program to ensure you receive comprehensive treatment services after delivery.

Clinic Locations

Family Practice Clinic
2400 Tucker Ave NE

Southeast Heights Clinic
8200 Central Ave SE

North Valley Center for Family and Community Health & Milagro Clinic 
3401 4th Street NW