Transdisciplinary Evaluation & Support Clinic (TEASC)

TEASC provides in-home services for New Mexicans age 18 and older with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Patients or their family can request a TEASC consultation. Providers or advocates can also request a referral.

Specialized TEASC providers can visit your home or see the patient in a UNM Family Practice or community clinic. We offer a range of medical and mental health care services, as well as help with support system needs.

TEASC services are provided at no cost to the individual. We are funded by the New Mexico Department of Health/Developmental Disabilities Supports Division.

Comprehensive Community Care 

In addition to providing in-home services, our team offers:

  • Evaluations and recommendations
  • Work in community clinics with local providers
  • Teaching and training for students and residents
  • Training for community providers 
  • Research and program assessments
  • Collaboration and consultation with the state 

TEASC also offers training options for students in nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, psychology, physical therapy and more.

Get a Referral

TEASC assistance does not replace the direct care provided by the client’s primary care doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, interdisciplinary team or other caregivers.

Current providers or caregivers can contact TEASC for an evaluation. After an initial screening, our staff will contact you to discuss:

  • Available community resources
  • Additional background information
  • An evaluation date

TEASC Faculty and Staff

The TEASC team is made up of specialists from many areas. We have a staff of family practice providers, psychiatrists, social workers, sign language interpreters and more.

Toni Benton, MD
Program Director/Family Practitioner
Michelle "Shelly" Marek, MBA, MA, LMHC
Program Coordinator
Patricia Beery, MA
Sr. Program Therapist
Helen “Bonnie” Priest, RN
Nurse Manager
Elizabeth Donsbach, BA
Sr. Program Manager
Helene Silverblatt, MD
May Goldenberg, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Gail Thaler, MD