Office of Research 

The Office of Research supports faculty and staff in the Department of Internal Medicine. We also provide research administrative support to the Department and the Clinical and Translational Science Center. 

In 2019, UNM's Department of Internal Medicine was recognized by the National Institute of Health as 60th in the nation for receipt of extramural funding (not including research and development contracts awarded). 

Our team believes that successful research requires a strong infrastructure, backing for designated efforts in an academic environment and financial support from the department. We offer faculty support, guidance and education to successfully facilitate ethical and sound scientific research. 

The Office of Research assists investigators within the department in the search for potential funding through: 

  • Project planning 
  • Budget preparation 
  • Compliance review of agency’s application requirements 
  • Guidance in electronic submission 
  • Obtaining departmental approvals for submission to the Health Sciences center Pre-Award Office 
  • Ensuring that research faculty get access to necessary laboratory space  

Research Assistance 

The Office of Research will assist researchers with all facets of the application process for contracts and grants. 


The Office of Research will help you search for appropriate extramural funding sources. We encourage those seeking funding to register with a service that notifies of funding opportunities, such as the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts listserv. The Office of Research sends out weekly Table of Contents (TOC) notifications to HSC Faculty.  

The Office of Research has limited funding for Small Research Grants for Department of Internal Medicine faculty. Grants of up to $500 are available for the following: 

  • Grant writing expenses 
  • Volunteer fees for faculty studies 
  • Student research projects 
  • Resident research projects 
  • To enhance the department research infrastructure  

Budgets and Forms  

We offer a variety of forms to construct and format the budgets for the funding agency and the Health Sciences Center’s Pre-Award/Sponsored Projects Office while ensuring compliance with agency and university policies.  

Obtain Approval  

The Office of Research will review your application to ensure that it complies with the funding agency’s requirements, flag any problems or issues, and obtain the necessary approvals and signature from the department.  


Many federal agencies, including NIH, require electronic submission through, ASSIST and eBRAP. The Office of Research can assist in preparing the administrative portion of and prepare your proposals for electronic submission.   

The HSC-Pre-Award/Sponsored Projects Office can help. We encourage you to submit your application to us as soon as you can, at least five working days for a subaward before the application deadline, or 10 working days for an NIH application. This allows us and you enough time to complete the internal steps and the external application process before the deadline. 

Contact the Office of Research 

Josie S. Zamora 

Senior Contract and Grant Administrator