Meet the Chairman of UNM Neurology, Dr. Torbey

Get to know Dr. Michel Torbey, Chairman of the Department of Neurology at UNM. Dr. Torbey takes pride in working with the dedicated team of physicians, nurses and EMTs at UNM Health. Constantly on the go, Dr. Torbey always makes time to meet with faculty, staff and residents to make sure we're feeling well and bringing our A-game to patient care, research and learning.

He collaborates with government leaders to impact the care of all New Mexicans. In 2019, Dr. Torbey led UNM Neurology to become a designated Center of Excellence in bioscience, driving innovation in the industry. Follow Dr. Torbey on Twitter (@icubraindoc) to keep up with his latest activities.

Headshot Michel Torbey.

As a resident, you will see those rare cases and at the same time you will learn to treat the most common cases and get exposed to a cadre of research, researchers and your typical neurology clinicians.

Michel Torbey, Chairman, Dept of Neurology

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Our department is the Southwestern hub for advanced neurological diagnosis and patient care.

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