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The University of New Mexico Neurology Department provides not only state-of-the-art technology for valuable training opportunities, but also daily opportunities for hands-on, community training. And the UNM campus is unlike any other. With an abundance of green spaces, traditional southwest architecture, and comfortable recreational spaces you’re sure to find your favorite campus corner in no time.

Research Labs

Yi Yang using pipette in lab.

Yi Yang Lab.

Yi Yang working in lab.

Yi Yang Lab.

Dr. Paul working at computer.

Dr. Paul Lab.

Post Doc Satya Deep working under hood in lab.

Dr. Poddar Lab - Post Doc Satya Deep.

Roitbak and Thompson working in lab.

Dr. Roitbak in lab with Jeff Thompson.

Divani and lab member working in lab.

Dr. Divani and Dr. Paul working in Lab.

Headshot Ashfin Divani.

Ashfin Divani.

Divani working at bench in lab.

Divani Lab.

Lab member working at computer.

Resident working for Dr. Posse's Lab.

Lab member looking at computer.

Resident working for Dr. Posse's Lab.

Dr. Posse speaking with student.

Dr. Posse speaking with student.

Neuro ICU

Staff members at front desk.

Neuro ICU staff and learners concentrating on patient care.

Christine Meadows looking through files.

Christine Meadows in Neuro ICU.

Team meeting in a huddle.

Neuro ICU team in a huddle, collaborating on a care plan.

Two staff members standing in Neuro ICU hallway.

Quick thinking and fast action are key in the Neuro ICU.

Bed in neuro room.

Neuro ICU rooms are equipped with advanced technology while offering a comfortable place for patients to rest.

View of monitor screen showing vitals.

Monitor displays throughout the Neuro ICU help keep our teams updated on patients' statuses.

State-of-the-Art Neurology Technology

All New Mexicans deserve access to the best resources. Our advanced neuroimaging technology—CT, MRI, angiography and MEG—provides exceptional diagnoses and treatment.

Current Residents

Headshot Daniel Barnett.

Daniel Barnett - PGY 4 Resident.

Headshot Christine Meadows.

Lauren Hatcher – PGY3 Resident

Headshot Hossein Mousavi.

Hossein Mousavi - PGY3 Resident.

Headshot Harsheein Kaur.

Harsheein Kaur - PGY5 Resident Peds.

Headshot Francesca Garcia.

Francesca Garcia - PGY3 Resident Peds.

Headshot Saji Busnaq.

Saji Busnaq - PGY4 Resident.

Headshot Ali Alsarah.

Ali Alsarah - PGY2 Resident.

Headshot Ahmed Abd Elazim.

Ahmed Abd Elazim - PGY2 Resident.

Headshot Sajid Suriya.

Sajid Suriya - PGY2 Resident.

Headshot Jonathan Daniels.

Jonathan Daniels - PGY 3 Resident.

Our Residents' Stories

Take a Walking Tour

Exterior of HSLIC.

UNM Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center.

Courtyard on campus.

Open spaces and vegetation offer a peaceful respite between studying and patient care.

Students eating outside under trees.

Students enjoy eating outside in the shade.

Pergolas with picnic tables underneath.

A favorite study space for many learners—the pergolas.

UNM hospital.

UNM Hospital is a short walk away.

Campus building.

Floors of learning spaces, laboratories and clinical experiences await.

Students working together in a study room.

Working hard comes before playing hard!

Beeper and instruments on table.

Beeper and instruments.

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Whether you live across town or across the country, participating in a campus tour is one of the best ways to experience UNM Main Campus.

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