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The mission of Continuum of Care is to improve and sustain the quality of health and healthcare for all people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in New Mexico.

In furtherance of our mission:

  • We positively impact the health of people with I/DD through advocacy, training's, clinical services, policy reviews, and policy recommendations.
  • We contribute to improving the quality of healthcare through clinical consultations and teaching of clinical services.
  • We support ongoing improvements in the field by evaluating our efforts, incorporating new findings into our training's and services, developing new research, and sharing our findings.

More about Continuum of Careeterna

It is estimated that 32,000 New Mexicans have a developmental disability.  The range of these disabilities varies greatly.  People with disabilities often encounter more challenges than others in the way health care is delivered to them, how they access it and the level of support services they need to stay healthy within the community.   Continuum of Care addresses these challenges by providing consultations to New Mexicans with developmental disabilities; training medical students, doctors, nurses, social workers and others; and by assisting persons with developmental disabilities in a variety of other ways.  The staff at the Continuum of Care have extensive experience in improving the delivery of health care to individuals with developmental disabilities in New Mexico.

The Continuum of Care project grew out of the idea that health care services should be available and delivered in a comprehensive and coordinated manner from infancy to adulthood, assuring people with disabilities access to the full array of health services from a multidisciplinary approach.  We promote health care professionals becoming more knowledgeable and competent in dealing with developmental disabilities and in delivering services in a culturally sensitive way that respects individuals' preferences, honors personal values and promotes quality of life. 

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