Departments, Centers and Agencies


NCI Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
Cheryl L. Willman, MD, CEO

Center for Development & Disability
Marcia Moriarta, Director

Office of the Medical Investigator
H. Jarrell, MD, Interim Chief Medical Officer

Project ECHO
Sanjeev Arora, MD, Founder/Director

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 
Karlett Parra, PhD, Chair
DIVISIONS (2) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biocomputing

Cell Biology & Physiology
Nancy Kanagy, PhD, Chair

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Vojo Deretic, PhD, Chair

C. William Shuttleworth, PhD, Chair

Nancy Joste, MD, Chair

Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Hugh Martin, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (5) Cardithorasic Anesthesiology; Obstetric Anesthesia; Pediatric Anesthesiology; Pain Medicine; Regional Anesthesia

Dental Medicine
Gary Cuttrell, DDS, Chair
DIVISIONS (2) Dental Services; Dental Hygiene

Aimee Smidt, MD, Chair

Emergency Medicine
Steven McLaughlin, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (2) Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Emergency Medicine

Family & Community Medicine
David Rakel, MD, Chair

Internal Medicine 
Mark Unruh, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (15) Cardiology; Endocrinology; Epidemiology; Gastroenterology; General Medicine; Gerontology; Hematology/Oncology; Hospital Medicine; Infectious Disease; Molecular Medicine; Nephrology; Palliative Care; Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine; Rheumatology; Translational Informatics

Michel Torbey, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (2) Adult Neurology; Child Neurology

Neurological Surgery
Meic Schmidt, MD, MBA, Chair

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Eve Espey, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (6) Family Planning & Reproductive
Health; GYN Oncology; Maternal Fetal Medicine; Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility; Midwifery; Women’s Health Research

Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences 
Bob Avery, MD, PhD, Interim Chair

Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation 
Robert Schenck, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (8) General Orthopaedics; Hand Surgery; Orthopaedics; Orthopaedic Trauma; Pediatric Orthopaedics; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Physical Therapy; Spine Surgery; Sports Medicine

Nancy Joste, MD, Chair

Loretta Cordova De Ortega, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (16) Adolescent Medicine; Cardiology; Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention; Child Development; Critical Care; Dysmorphology / Genetics; Endocrinology / Metabolism; Gastroenterology; General Pediatrics; Hematology/Oncology; Infectious Disease; Neonatology; Nephrology; Occupational Therapy; Pulmonary

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences 
Mauricio Tohen, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (6) Addictions; Adult Psychiatry; Child Psychiatry; Community Behavioral Health; Geriatric Psychiatry; Neuro-modulation

Gary Mlady, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (2) Interventional Radiology; Radiology

John Russell, MD, Chair
DIVISIONS (9) Acute Care Surgery; Cardiothoracic Surgery; General & Gastrointestinal Surgery; Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery; Pediatric Surgery; Plastic Surgery; Surgical Oncology; Urology; Vascular Surgery

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