Ingrid Nelson, MS


Ingrid is a professional with 42 years of experience in the human services field. She spent twenty one of those years working with adolescent girls at a treatment facility which offered support and counseling through the residential and educational programs.

Upon moving to New Mexico from the East Coast, Ingrid began working with the state Department of Health as a mediator, and was later “grandfathered in” as a DOH trainer. For nearly 2 years, Ingrid was the Education and Outreach Manager with the Ombudsman program (through Aging & Long Term Services Dept).

As the Senior Program Manager with the Continuum of Care Project, Ingrid can make use of all of her skills as an advocate, trainer, team builder, planner, motivator, as her job is truly an evolving position. Her love of training still remains at the forefront in her current position, and she is always willing to educate so that individuals can be empowered and make informed decisions.

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