The University of New Mexico Radiology Department is committed to the wellbeing of each of our resident, fellow, and faculty physicians. The UNM Radiology department has taken steps to support resident and faculty wellness by developing a wellness committee. The committee includes residents, fellows and faculty.

Resident Wellness

To nurture the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes to thrive beyond radiology.


  • Each resident will recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout.
  • Each resident will gain skills to mitigate against burnout

The entire residency takes part in continuous training through didactic sessions to gain a deeper understanding of who, what, why of burnout. We also explore various ways that each individual can take to prevent and mitigate against burnout.

We believe that the working environment is a strong contributor to stress and its effects.


  • Each resident will voice any element of the working environment that contributes to poor efficiency
  • Each leader will focus on systematically improving efficiency throughout the department.

The entire department takes part in quarterly or semiannual Rounding where the leader takes account of the various systems, software or equipment that prevents efficiency in our practice.

We believe that work-life integration is of the utmost importance.

Objective, the faculty and residency will develop stronger ties with each other

  • Yearly resident retreat typically during the fall or winter
  • Yearly “Meet and Greet” to welcome the new residents
  • Yearly Winter Retreat to recognize the residents, faculty and staff
  • Yearly Mountain Hike and Camping trip
  • Yearly Evening Isotopes Baseball
  • Monthly Friday evening get together

Senior residents can volunteer to take call for a junior resident.

The department will develop strong ties with staff and colleagues.

Radiology residents are volunteering their time and skills to help Medicine and Emergency residents in their clinical or educational activities.

The committee selects a resident, faculty or staff to thank for their contributions to the department