faculty-life-cycle-graph.jpgFaculty Life Cycle

From your first day on campus as a faculty member through your transition to retirement, you are part of the UNM School of Medicine family. Explore the resources and services we offer throughout the life cycle of your career.

faculty-life-cycle-recruitment.pngWhy be a faculty member at UNM SOM?

  • Work with others with a deep commitment to the mission (insert link to mission and values here)
  • Know that what you will be doing will make a big difference to the people of NM (link to facts about healthcare in NM – HSC office of community health?)
  • Hotbed of innovation in education, research and clinical service delivery (Office of Education, Research, Project ECHO)
  • Join a diverse and inclusive community of faculty, staff and learners. (HSC Office of DEI)
  • Live in a beautiful state with great weather and unique cultural opportunities (NM Tourist information site)
  • faculty-life-cycle-orientation.pngOrganization of HSC & SOM
  • Faculty Benefits
  • UNM Perks - recreation services, gym, tickets discount to UNM events, etc.
  • History of the SOM

faculty-life-cycle-exploration.pngExploring Your Options

Want to be a better educator?

Want to develop your Research skills?

Want to learn about clinical care quality improvement?

Want to become a leader in our institution?

  • Leadership development opportunities
    • Medical Leadership Academy
    • Medical Educator Scholars Program
    • UNM based resources
    • External leadership development opportunities

faculty-life-cycle-engagement.pngDeveloping Meaningful Connections

  • Developing your academic network at the SOM and beyond
  • Making the Most of your Mentor
  • Individual Career Development templates & resources
  • Planning for your annual performance review
  • Planning for Promotion

faculty-life-cycle-development.pngNurturing Professional Growth

  • Committee and Service learning opportunities
    • Research
    • Clinical care
    • Education
    • Community
  • Faculty governance – HSC Council and Faculty Senate
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Faculty Mentor Development Program

faculty-life-cycle-development.pngEmbracing Fufillment

  • Rewards and recognition
    • Faculty Spotlights
    • Promotion Posters
    • Faculty Awards
  • Giving back – paying it forward
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Sustaining an inclusive climate and positive work environment (LEO)
  • Volunteer faculty

faculty-life-cycle-development.pngPlanning for the Next Phase

  • Mid-Career reflection – what have I achieved, and what is next?
  • Leaves
    • Sabbatical/Leave from Assigned Duties
    • Parental leave
    • Medical leave
    • Military leave
    • Leave without pay
  • Work/life balance assessment
  • Career counseling
  • Resignation/Exit interviews

faculty-life-cycle-retirement.pngStaying Connected

  • Planning for your retirement
  • Professor Emeritus – what does it give me?
  • Appreciation for service
  • Working retiree
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Retiree spotlights