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Practice & Community

Our students, faculty and preceptors are problem solvers, empowered to take patient care to a higher level. And to demonstrate to those who rely on us that health is precious and deserves to be protected.

We take pride in our clinical practices. In our community relationships. In our diverse and unique state. Our relationships and practices fuel us to care for New Mexico’s rural and underserved populations. Providing high-quality health care to all.

Prepared to Practice

Carolyn Montoya, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAAN, FAANP, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, defines what practice and community looks like here at the UNM College of Nursing.

Care for the Patient, Care for the World.

Discover what clinical practice and community looks like at UNM.

Primary Care TeleECHO Clinic

Unique in a primary care setting—The College of Nursing runs the Primary Care TeleECHO Clinic.

Bringing together a broad interprofessional team committed to reaching beyond our campus, beyond our borders, to address the needs of all New Mexicans.

Care Planning in a Pandemic

Imagine having a child who depends on a ventilator and feeding tubes, one who requires total care for all their daily needs. Now imagine caring for that child during a pandemic.

Jan Martin Faculty Practice Coordinator, Clinician Educator, Assistant Professor

Become a Preceptor

Volunteer your time, share your knowledge and skills, and partner with our faculty to educate the next generation of nurses.

Funding Opportunities Students

The UNM College of Nursing was awarded two grants that provide funds to enrolled students.  Learn more about eligibility and how these will offset educational expenses if awarded, thus reducing student indebtedness upon graduation. Explore more about the funding.

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