Acquiring a Click COI Account

Two courses are required to be completed in order to activate a Click COI account:

  1. Electronic Research Administration: COI Disclosures (HSC 001)
  2. HSC Financial Conflicts of Interest training (HSC 104-002)*

*HSC 104-002 is required to be renewed every 4 years.

The courses are located:

  1. UNM (HSC, main campus, UNMH & UNMMG) faculty, staff, and students take the courses in Learning Central.
  2. Non-UNM COI disclosers and those without a Learning Central account take the courses in Moodle under the course category, HSC Financial Conflicts of Interest.

*Click COI accounts are being created as soon as we can do so. There is a 1-2 business day turnaround time due to the large number of requests. Thank you for your patience. DO NOT SUBMIT THE ACCOUNT REQUEST FORM MORE THAN ONCE. IT WILL ONLY DELAY THE PROCESS.

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