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The Center for Psychiatric Research (CPR) has conducted research for more than 17 years. It consists of various psychiatric groups and specialties with dedicated psychiatrists and staff. The Center is led by Dr. Juan Bustillo, Director of Research. The areas of research at the Center include:

  • Schizophrenia & related disorders
  • Addictions
  • Brain imaging
  • Neurodevelopment
  • Clinical Trials for Mood Disorders (ie, Depression, Anxiety, Social Phobia, etc)

and may focus on other psychiatric indications in the near future.

Current Research Groups at the Center

The Schizoprenia Research Group

Leaders: Juan Bustillo, M.D.José Cañive, M.D. & Chris Abbott, M.D.

This well-established group is on the cutting edge of brain imaging and psychopharmacological research in people suffering from schizophrenia related disorders; the group’s researchers are committed to helping people with schizophrenia and strive to be a resource for patients, families and practitioners.

The Addictions Group

Leaders: Claire Wilcox, M.D.,Snehal Bhatt, MD, & Brandi Fink, PhD

This group is dedicated to research involving addictions and dual diagnosis issues. In association with UNM CASAA, the addictions group is on the forefront of research and treatment for alcohol/drug abuse and addiction.

The Neuropsychology Group

Leader: Robert Thoma, Ph.D.,Richard Campbell, PhD, & Davin Quinn, MD

Researchers in this group use brain imaging technology to further scientific understanding of the effects of alcohol on brain development. Other studies involve sensory processing and neurodevelopment in adolescents.

The Clinical Trials Group

Leader: Paula Hensley, M.D.George Nurnberg, MD

This group is dedicated to pharmaceutical-company-sponsored trials for psychiatric indications other than schizophrenia, with primary focus on Mood Disorders (ie, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, etc.).

Center for Rural and Community Behavioral Health

Leader: Caroline Bonham, MD

  • provides community-oriented services to underserved populations
  • engages in rural training and workforce development 
  • strengthens the behavioral health services research capacity in New Mexico.

Faculty and staff have a variety of expertise including rural mental health, family and community medicine, traumatic brain injury, child and adolescent issues, co-occurring disorders, developmental disabilities, culturally sensitive care, and severe and persistent mental illness.