Resident Wellness

The Department of Dermatology focuses on helping new physician trainees acquire skills to promote wellness and balance and develop resilience and adaptability in the face of increasing challenges in the practice of medicine. We are committed to addressing physician well-being for individuals and as it relates to the clinical learning environment.

Our top priority is the creation of a supportive environment of inquiry and academic pursuit with a culture of respect, accountability, teamwork and wellness. The faculty and staff of the UNM Department of Dermatology are fully committed to ensuring that trainees acquire the knowledge and skills of our discipline, as well as professional and personal growth, while adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety in the delivery of excellent patient care services.

More About Resident Wellness

Comprehensive institutional wellness policies support residents.

The UNM School of Medicine and the Dermatology Department have well-defined processes around resident wellness, including a designated UNM SOM Office of Professional Well-being and a Graduate Medical Education Wellness Director. The UNM SOM has a Learning Environment Office where residents may discuss or report observed or experienced mistreatment.

Residents with concerns also have access to the Resident Council, the UNM Office of Equal Opportunity, the campus Ombuds service and anonymous duty hour reporting.

Four half days per year or two full days per year.

Each resident receives a wellness half day each quarter of every year. Two half days may be combined into one full day midway through each semester.

Wellness is a key part of Dermatology didactics.

Each year, the Dermatology Department hosts at least one speaker who addresses a wellness-related topic in Grand Rounds. Wellness is part of incoming residents’ orientation and Boot Camp experiences. Wellness is a focused topic within resident didactics as well.