Epidemiology at UNM 

We are a dynamic community of faculty, staff and students working to promote health and wellbeing for communities within and beyond New Mexico. We advance population-level research and education, as well as shape policy and practice by identifying risk factors for diseases and targets for preventive health care.  

Epidemiology pursues insights and evidence into the causes, distribution and prevention of disease in populations. The department aims to promote a research-driven approach to prevention of disease and educate the future leaders in the field of epidemiology and public health practice. Through research and scholarship, the UNM epidemiology faculty strive to produce evidence that will lead to improvements in public health in New Mexico, the U.S. and worldwide. 

At the UNM School of Medicine, Epidemiology faculty situated in the Department of Internal Medicine collectively work on the following research and practice areas including: 

  • Cancer  
  • Environmental health  
  • Occupational health  
  • Infectious diseases  
  • Substance use  

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