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Our Research

In the Center for Global Health. We are committed to advancing research, education and clinical training for improved health and development in resource-limited settings worldwide. The Center operates several international research projects.

The Center for Global Health brings together international partners with members of the New Mexico community. We offer bilateral exchange for research and training between UNM and our collaborative research sites abroad.

The collaborative activities offer health professionals the opportunity to form partnerships aimed at improving the public health challenges facing our global community.

Research Areas: 

Pediatric and Adult Infectious Diseases

Defining the Inflammation and Immunity Transcriptome in Severe Malaria Anemia

Host-Parasite Interactions 

Larvicide for Mosquito Control 

Emerging Viral Pathogens 

Rapid Development of Immuno-therapeutics and Immuno-prophylactics Against Emerging Viral Threats

Immunity and antibody generation in COVID-19 coronavirus

Effects of Passive Immunization on Immunogenicity of Filovirus Vaccines – DOD/Defense Heal

Immunogenicity of Delayed Antigen Release Systems

Antibody Generation Against Hantavirus

Genomic epidemiology of SARS-CoV-

Global Health Informatics 

Longitudinal Comparative Effectiveness of Bipolar disorder Therapies

Deriving high-quality evidence from national healthcare databases to improve suicidality detection and treatment outcomes in PTSE and TBI

Pathogen Genomics

Using genomics to investigate how infectious diseases are able to cause pandemics and rapidly spread across the globe. Areas of research include transmission dynamics and evolution of pandemic cholera, the genomic epidemiology of SARS-CoV2 across the Mountain West, and applying One Health approaches to understand antimicrobial resistance.