Divani Lab

Research Interests

Dr. Afshin A. Divani’s laboratory engages in both preclinical and clinical studies pertaining to stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), and traumatic brain injury (TBI) to better elucidate the role of risk factors on worsening the outcomes and the therapeutic options to alleviate neurological deficits. New preclinical models of stroke and TBI are developed to better assess the role of novel therapeutic options. Different techniques and imaging modalities such as neurological/behavioral assessments, histological and Immunohistochemical staining, blood biomarkers, and MRI/PET studies are routinely utilized.

Current Research

Studies funded by the Department of Defense and National Institutes of Health are involved in identifying the mechanism of action of vagus nerve stimulation and resuscitation treatments in rodent models of ischemic stroke and TBI. Other ongoing studies are conducted in collaboration with the industry looking at new neuroprotective therapies for stroke and TBI in preclinical settings.

The laboratory is also involved in better understanding of optimum blood pressure reduction in improving the outcomes of ICH in clinical settings. Furthermore, there are ongoing studies looking at the neurological manifestations of COVID-19 and better understand the underlying pathophysiology of observed manifestations.