Fieldwork is an integral part of occupational therapy education. These experiences provide opportunities to carry out professional responsibilities with supervision and role modeling provided by a fieldwork educator. Two types of fieldwork experiences are included within occupational therapy curricula: Level I experiences and Level II fieldwork.  

The UNM fieldwork coordinators arrange Level I and Level II fieldwork placements in collaboration with faculty, students, and site fieldwork educators/coordinators. The primary goal when matching students with fieldwork placements is to ensure quality experiences, preparing the student to be an entry-level clinician.   

Students in the UNM Occupational Therapy program participate in two 12-week full-time Level II fieldwork experiences. The first Level II experience is typically during the summer after the second year. Both Level II fieldwork placements provide intensive training and mentoring in occupational therapy practice.  

The University of New Mexico Occupational Therapy Graduate Program has affiliation agreements with over 124 sites in the state of New Mexico and 21 states across the nation, as well as potential for developing new fieldwork sites in areas not currently represented locally, nationally, and internationally.  

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Pedicatrics
  • Rehabilitation
  • School Systems
  • Acute Care
  • Geriatrics
  • Home Health
  • Orthopedics
  • Mental Health
  • OT Professional Education and/or Research


Opportunities Abroad

International Interdisciplinary Service Learning Program
Students visit underserved communities to learn how occupational therapy can impact local health issues and social challenges


The UNM Occupational Therapy Graduate Program works with USC and Nancie Furgang MA, OTR/L, to coordinate with the NAPA-OT Field School in Guatemala. Students explore the concept of occupational justice and efforts to achieve social and occupational justice for the people in Guatemala. 


Traditional Medicine in Oaxaca, Mexico 

Terry K. Crowe takes students and professionals to Oaxaca, Mexico, to participate in a course focusing on traditional Mexican Medicine. Students interact with traditional healers and learn different views of health, illness and healing. 


Planting Hope Occupational Therapy Service Learning Study Abroad Program  

The Planting Hope Service Learning Program is provided through collaboration between the UNM Occupational Therapy Graduate Program and Planting Hope in Nicaragua. Planting Hope has a long relationship with the San Ramon community. The program has helped to build a library, computer lab and rehab center and has hosted many eco-tourism and university volunteer groups.