The Pathology Education Fund

About the Fund

The Chair of the UNM Department of Pathology established the Pathology Education Fund in order to support the educational and research missions. The Department of Pathology teaches and trains medical students, residents, clinical fellows, undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows. Faculty and staff in the Department of Pathology pursue scholarly activities to maintain state of the art knowledge and experience required to support the educational and research missions.

The Chair of the UNM Department of Pathology directs and is responsible for the Pathology Education Fund. This fund enables the Chair to enhance the educational and research outcomes within the Department of Pathology.

Contributions Support this Mission

To enhance the educational and research opportunities for faculty, staff and trainees in the UNM Department of Pathology. 

The Pathology Education Fund is critical to this mission. The Chair of the Department of Pathology can direct the funds to the most important educational and research goals of the department. Make a contribution to the Pathology Education Fund.

The Pathology Education Fund Awards

Aimed at celebrating the Pathology Department’s past and sharing the vision for Pathology’s future, The Department of Pathology celebrated its 50th anniversary on October 8, 9 and 10, 2014. The anniversary celebration was attended by over 100 Pathology and School of Medicine faculty, alumni, trainees, staff, professors emeritus and special guests.

Our anniversary events included educational tours of the clinical and research facilities as well as a symposium featuring lecturers by top researchers from across our department and from the Centers for Disease Control. View 50th Anniversary photos and videos.