Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences requires two and one-half pre-professional years in college followed by a four-semester MLS-specific curriculum that includes a one-semester clinical rotation experience at an affiliated clinical site. The affiliated clinical sites are located within and outside of Albuquerque. The department has a process for articulation with accredited Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) programs, which provides career mobility for the associate degree-level technician. Students completing the MLS program are eligible to take the ASCP Board of Registry Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) exam.

Bachelor of Science Program Goals

  1. Knowledge: Students will develop a basic level of comprehension in Medical Laboratory Sciences necessary for the performance of analytical procedures used in testing normal and abnormal constituents in blood and body fluid samples.
  2. Laboratory Skills: The student will demonstrate accuracy and precision in performing laboratory tests while correlating the practical application of principles in laboratory testing.
  3. Diagnostic Ability: The student will demonstrate knowledge of physiologic and pathophysiologic states of various body fluids as it relates to laboratory findings in health and disease.
  4. Communication Skills: The program will provide the student with the fundamentals for communication as a member of the medical profession and for managerial and educational roles in the clinical laboratory.
  5. Professionalism and Ethics: The program will provide the opportunity for the student to develop an awareness of accountability for the quality and integrity of lab services they will provide as a health professional.

Degree Curriculum

Our BS MLS curriculum provides students with a well-versed education that includes didactic and laboratory courses in areas such as hematology, immunohematology, chemistry, and microbiology. Students will also gain the required practical clinical experience at one of our affiliated clinical sites.

The MLS program has two start dates, either in the spring or fall semester. Each MLS course is offered once per year, with the exception of clinical rotation courses which are offered in fall and spring.

All courses listed for spring, summer, and fall semesters must be completed successfully before starting the Clinical Rotation courses.

View the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences (BS MLS) Curriculum (pdf)

Affiliated Clinical Sites

All students in the UNM Medical Laboratory Sciences Program are assigned to an affiliated clinical site where they will complete their practical clinical education. View the program’s affiliated clinical sites (pdf)

Admission Requirements

Students pursuing admission into the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences Program are required to satisfy all the admission requirements outlined below.

Additional information can be found in the Fall 2020 Student Policy Manual (pdf).

All students considering admission to the MLS program must:

  1. Contact the MLS program advisor prior to applying
  2. Meet all prerequisite course and GPA requirements
  3. Meet the essential function requirements of the academic program and of the corresponding MLS profession
  4. Submit the MLS Program application and Letters of Recommendation
  5. Demonstrate communication skills during an interview
  6. Demonstrate understanding, compliance, and ability to perform a task

All students must contact a UNM Medical Laboratory Sciences Program Advisor prior to applying to the program (including MLTs).

Contact to set up your appointment.

The Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (EPAC) on UNM Main Campus provides general university college guidance and information regarding various health professions programs.

Prerequisites and GPA requirements

  • Minimum of 67 semester hours, with grade of 72 (C) or better
  • Cumulative GPA: Minimum 3.0
  • Minimum GPA in each of the following sections (Biology, Chemistry, and Math): 2.8

View the Prerequisites for Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences Degree (pdf)

Students accepted in and graduating from the MLS program must meet the Essential Function Requirements in order to successfully complete the MLS program. View the Essential Function Requirements document (pdf).

Applicants to the MLS program must submit a completed application, three recommendation forms, and official transcripts from attended colleges to be considered for admission to the program.

Submit the required documentation by October 15th for Spring and June 15th for Fall admittance to the program.

If you are interested in applying as an International Student, please visit UNM's Global Education Office, International Admissions website for pertinent information.

A candidate’s application may be strengthened by:

  • Completion of the clinical lab tour; contact the Medical Laboratory Sciences Program Advisor ( to set up a tour
  • Clinical lab work experience
  • MLT degree
  • Completion of an introduction to MLS course
  • Cumulative GPA > 3.5

The New Mexico Higher Education Department provides applications available for Allied Health Loan-for-Service (annual deadline July 1st) and Health Professional Loan Repayment (annual deadline May 1st).

For more information regarding these and other programs, you may contact the NMHED:
Phone: 1-800-279-9777

Explore The University of New Mexico academic calendar to see when your classes will start and end.

For more information on important dates for the BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences Program, email a Medical Laboratory Sciences Program Advisor:

Admission to the MLS Program is based on the following:

  • Prerequisites completed or in the final semester of completion
  • Met GPA requirements
  • Completed application
  • Three recommendations
  • Official Transcripts from attended colleges
  • Cumulative score in a 3-part interview (written, face to face interview and following directions activity)
  • Additional experience that strengthens your application