Mistreatment Reporting Process 

University policy is that no person shall be subject to retaliation for using or participating in a complaint process. State and federal laws and University policy protect against retaliation for reporting mistreatment, harassment, and/or discrimination. University policy further prohibits retaliation against a person for filing a complaint, participating in the investigation of a complaint' or assisting others who raised a complaint.

Once the Learning Environment Office receives a report of mistreatment, the report is reviewed and triaged by the Office.

If the report is discrimination or harassment against protected classes*, it is sent to the UNM Office of Equal Opportunity, per UNM policy.  UNM OEO maintains confidentiality to the extent allowable by law and UNM policy.

*protected class =  those personal traits or characteristics, statuses, and/or beliefs that are defined by applicable law and policy, as protected from discrimination or harassment including age, ancestry, color, ethnicity, gender, gender identity (including gender expression), genetic information, national origin, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, race, religion, serious medical condition, sex, sexual orientation, spousal affiliation, and veteran status.

If not sent to OEO, the report is investigated by the Learning Environment Office and classified using the Stanford Mistreatment Response Pyramid. 

The Stanford Pyramid classifies mistreatment issues into four levels of action, based on the number of reports received about mistreatment concerning the same person or the severity of the mistreatment incident:

  • Level 1: Based on a single mistreatment incident
  • Level 2: Second mistreatment incident
  • Level 3: For more than three mistreatment incidents
  • Level 4: For severe or egregious incident
When severe or egregious issues take place even as a first violation, they may be escalated to a higher level.

When mandated-reporting issues occur, mandated reporting supersedes all other levels.

When no mistreatment is identified, learner coaching takes place.

Mistreatment reports that rise to level 3 or 4 are sent to the Mistreatment Response Committee, a small committee comprised of senior leaders, for investigation, review, and recommendation of action.