How to Report Mistreatment

There are many options available to you if you experience or witness mistreatment.

If you are unsure whether a behavior rises to the level of mistreatment, you are encouraged to contact Diana Martínez, Director of the Learning Environment Office, at 505.272.7861 or for a confidential discussion.

You are also encouraged to speak with a trusted advisor.

There are several procedures for reporting mistreatment:

Diana Martínez, MPH, LEO Director or 505.272.7861 or 505.620.6382

Emma Naliboff Pettit, MA, Assistant Director or 505.272.3631

Felisha Rohan-Minjares, MD, Assictant Dean for Clinical Education or 505.272.8429

Joanna R. Fair, MD, PhD, DIO & Sr. Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education or 505.272.6225

Medical students: Complete a course or clerkship evaluation and answer mistreatment questions

Complete the online reporting form.

When you use the online reporting tool, you have the option of remaining anonymous.

Online Mistreatment Reporting Form

All reports are reviewed by the Learning Environment Office. 


When reporting via course, clerkships, or faculty evaluations and when reporting online, reporters have the option of remaining anonymous.

Confidentiality of students is always respected within the limits of the law and policy.