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Interprofessional Health Outreach Program (IHOP)

Give Back to Your Community

New Mexico needs talented young leaders who:

  • Have had profound exposure to our communities’ broader realities.
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges presented in diverse environments.
  • Are willing to reach out to their communities to share new knowledge and skills.


If you’re pursuing a health profession or STEM field, you can participate in the Interprofessional Health Outreach Program (IHOP), a unique experience that allows students to give back to their community. Students from all HSC disciplines are invited to take part in this initiative.

Inspiring Youth

The Office for Diversity and the participants understand that working with New Mexico youth is a privilege and a tremendous responsibility. Members of IHOP believe that sharing their stories and experiences have the power to inspire. The participants understand and celebrate the strengths of all individuals and the assets that exist in their families, communities and cultures to promote diversity and inclusion.

Reaching Out

This year-long program provides an opportunity for students to reach out to both urban and rural communities by sharing presentations or holding hands-on activities for youth in:

  •        Schools
  •        After-school programs
  •        Community centers
  •        Career fairs


Leadership Council - The leadership council consists of four students, each holding a different role. As a whole, the council arranges and coordinates events, establishes partnerships and relationships within the UNM HSC and the community.

Ambassadors - Ambassadors are students that are elected to the position at the beginning of each school year. They serve as liaisons between the IHOP Leadership Council and the program class that they represent. Students also assist leadership with events and serve as primary communicators with participants.

IHOP provides reimbursements for travel, supplies and materials for out-of-town expenses for outreach presentations. Contact the Office for Diversity to learn more.

Support Services

As a participant in programming offered by Hope, Enrichment, And Learning Transform Health in New Mexico (HEALTH NM), you can access online and in-person student support resources, such as tutoring, laptop loans and resource libraries.

 Contact Us

Find out how the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Office for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion can help you succeed as a faculty member, staffer or student. Call 505-272-2728 or email us today.