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Educational Programs at the Health Sciences Center

Getting your education at the UNM Health Sciences Center starts here. Over 40 degree and residency programs to choose from. 

Academic ProgramApplication Deadline**Degree Time Required
Biomedical Research Education Program
Graduate ProgramsVariousMS/PhDUNM Catalog
Biomedical Sciences (BSGP)January 1MS/PhDUNM Catalog
Clinical ResearchMay 1MSUNM Catalog
MD/PhD ProgramNovember 15MD/PhDUNM Catalog
College of Nursing
BSNFebruary 15 - September 15BSNUNM Catalog
RN to BSNFebruary 15 - September 15BSNUNM Catalog
MSJanuary 15 - October 15MSUNM Catalog
PhDFebruary 15 - September 15PhDUNM Catalog
DNPFebruary 15 - September 15DNPUNM Catalog
College of Pharmacy
PharmD/MBAJanuary 4PharmD/MBAUNM Catalog
MS and PhDDecember 1 (priority deadline)MS/PhDUNM Catalog
PharmDDecember 1PharmDUNM Catalog
College of Population Health
BS in Population HealthAlways accepting applicationsBSUNM Catalog
Master of Public HealthDecember 15MPHUNM Catalog
School of Medicine
Combined BA/MDNovember 10BA/MDUNM Catalog
Medical SchoolNovember 15MDUNM Catalog
Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
ResidencyNovember 1UNM Catalog
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BA and BS in BiochemistryAlways accepting applicationsBA or BSUNM Catalog
Dental Medicine
BS in Dental HygieneSeptember 1BSUNM Catalog
MS in Dental HygieneVaries by semesterMSUNM Catalog
AEGD ResidencyOctober 15UNM Catalog
Emergency Medicine
BS in Emergency Medical ServicesFebruary 15BSUNM Catalog
ResidencyVaries by yearUNM Catalog
Family & Community Medicine
Physician's AssistantAugust 1MSUNM Catalog
ResidencyNovember 1UNM Catalog
Internal Medicine
All education programsVariousVariousUNM Catalog
Clinical Laboratory SciencesJune 15MSUNM Catalog
Medical Laboratory SciencesJune 15-October 15BSUNM Catalog
Pre-ResidencyApril 30UNM Catalog
ResidencyUNM Catalog
Adult Neurology ResidencyVaries by yearUNM Catalog
Child Neurology ResidencyVaries by yearUNM Catalog
Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
October 3DPTUNM Catalog
ResidencyVaries by yearUNM Catalog
Occupational Therapy Graduate ProgramNovember 1stMOTUNM Catalog
Residency and Course Waiver RequestsOctober 1stUNM Catalog
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
ResidencySeptember 30UNM Catalog
Radiologic SciencesVaries by semesterBSUNM Catalog
ResidencyVaries by YearUNM Catalog
ResidencyNovember 1UNM Catalog

 More than 1,000 new students each year

** Please note that application dates are approximate - you should check with programs individually as you prepare to apply.