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PharmD - Apply

Take the first step toward an outstanding pharmacy education. Apply online to the PharmD program at the UNM College of Pharmacy.

PharmD Program

Earn your Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy — a school in Albuquerque with a legacy of innovation in pharmacy practice and research. We’re among a fraction of the nation’s colleges of pharmacy located in an academic medical center, so you’ll learn in the context of advanced health care and serve the wide-ranging needs of New Mexico’s diverse patient population. Expect comprehensive preparation for a rewarding pharmacy career that impacts people’s lives.

Personal Attention

Enjoy personal support that helps you reach your educational and career goals in pharmacy. With our low 7-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, you and your professors will come to know each other.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice

Choose to receive advanced training to become a pharmacist clinician — at no extra cost. You’ll learn how to care for New Mexicans by administering vaccinations to patients of all ages, performing tuberculin skin testing, and prescribing certain medications. You can pursue a pharmacist clinician role because New Mexico has one of the nation’s most progressive pharmacy practice laws.

We’re also one of a few colleges in the nation where you can work toward certification in nuclear pharmacy while earning a PharmD.

Improving Lives

Extend your pharmacy education beyond the classroom. You’ll spend more than a third of your time as a student in settings such as urban and rural clinics, hospitals and community pharmacies. In clinical rotations you’ll work closely with a mentor for expert direction and support.

Advancing Research

You and your professors in the Doctor of Pharmacy program break ground with research in on-campus labs and clinical settings. Under the guidance of leading scientists, you’ll be among the first in the nation to learn new findings in the field of pharmacy.

Leadership Opportunities in Pharmacy School

Choose from more than a dozen student organizations representing different areas of pharmacy practice, as well as professional fraternities and academic and leadership honor societies. Contribute to community outreach efforts that have won national awards for immunizations and prevention of prescription drug abuse.

Diverse Pharmacy Student Community

Join the country’s most ethnically diverse PharmD program at UNM College of Pharmacy — where no ethnicity makes up more than half the student body. Learn alongside Hispanic, American Indian, African American, Caucasian and Asian students. Among colleges of pharmacy, we have the third-highest enrollment of Hispanic students and Native American students in the nation. 

Affordable Pharmacy School Tuition

Get a top-quality education for tuition that’s below regional and national averages. Even if you’re not a New Mexico resident, you qualify for in-state tuition rates after the first year of pharmacy school.

Because of our flat tuition structure, your tuition stays the same if you add classes in a single semester. You won’t pay more for a second degree, such as our combined PharmD/MBA program or PharmD/MS program.

Outstanding Results

Join a community of successful PharmD program graduates. 

Overall Graduation Rate

Class of 2016: 99 percent

Class of 2015: 95 percent

Class of 2014: 94 percent

Rate of Graduation in Four Academic Years

Class of 2017: 86 percent

Class of 2016: 95 percent

Class of 2015: 9186 percent

Class of 2014: 87 percent

First-Time Pass Rate on North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination

Class of 2016: 72.84 percent (59 successes out of 81 test takers)

Class of 2015: 82.14 percent (69 successes out of 84 test takers)

Class of 2014: 88.75 percent (71 successes out of 80 test takers)

Employment Categories for Class of 2017

Community: 64 percent

Residency/fellowship: 18 percent

Hospital: 11 percent

Other: 6 percent

Undecided: 1 percent

Accreditation for Doctor of Pharmacy Program

In 2016, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education reaccredited our PharmD program through June 30, 2024. View our accreditation history.

The University of New Mexico has been continuously accredited through the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association since 1922. The institution’s last full accreditation review, in April 2009, resulted in a 10-year reaffirmation of accreditation.