Translational Radiopharmacy (TRP)

The Translational Radiopharmacy (TRP) at the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy is a commercial nuclear pharmacy serving clinicians, students and patients statewide. The New Mexico Board of Pharmacy and the New Mexico Environment Department – Radiation Control Bureau license this Albuquerque facility.

TRP’s Mission

The purpose and mission of the TRP include:

  • Education – Provide education in radiopharmacy and radiopharmaceutical sciences to graduate and undergraduate students at UNM, as well as allied health students, including nuclear medicine technologists, medical students, medical residents, and chemical and nuclear engineers. Educational programs are Nuclear Education Online and the Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist program.
  • Research, development and support for investigational radiotracers – Collaborate with university faculty and private companies and organizations to develop new radiopharmaceuticals. Partner with the New Mexico Center for Isotopes in Medicine to develop radiopharmaceuticals for both diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.
  • Clinical radiopharmacy products and services – Provide clinical services to the hospitals and clinics of New Mexico, while offering students a best practices environment.

Radiopharmacy Resources

Count on the TRP to provide specialized products and services.


  • Preparation, dispensing and delivery of specialized parenteral drugs, sterile products and radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Support for investigational drugs and select projects.
  • Expertise in preparing and compounding sterile and time-sensitive parenteral drugs.

We belong to a nationwide group purchasing organization for drugs and supplies. You can trust us to comply with rules and requirements set by the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy, New Mexico Environmental Department Radiation Control Bureau, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation and USP 797.


Rely on our authorized nuclear pharmacists and board-certified nuclear pharmacists. They have a proven record of providing reliable, innovative and problem-solving solutions.


Your institution benefits from our focus on security and efficiency. To better serve you, we use:

  • Dedicated computer server
  • DOT-compliant package receipt, shipping and delivery
  • Secure pharmacy and storage facilities
  • USP 797-compliant clean room and personnel

Record of Radiopharmacy Innovation

In 1972, UNM opened the world’s first centralized radiopharmacy. Licensed by the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, it was the first pharmacy to dispense patient-ready radiopharmaceuticals on a prescription basis.

This innovative program spawned an industry that now includes more than 400 radiopharmacies in the U.S. and 600 worldwide. These specialized pharmacies have enhanced nuclear medicine by ensuring patients have access to uniform, high-quality, time-sensitive and cost-effective radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging and therapy.

Today UNM continues to provide clinical radiopharmaceutical goods and services to hospitals and clinics throughout New Mexico.