A rich legacy 75-years in the making.


The UNM College of Pharmacy has been training the next generation of pharmacists since 1945. When we accepted our first class over 70 years ago, we were the University’s first health professional college. Our students – all 33 of them – could fit in one classroom in a borrowed building.

Our College has grown in size and in mission. Today, it offers the only Doctor of Pharmacy degree in New Mexico, as well as multiple other doctorate and master’s degrees. Since 1994 the College of Pharmacy has been an integral part of the UNM Health Sciences Center, along with the College of Nursing, School of Medicine and UNM Hospital.

We enroll more than 350 students each year and our student body is one of the most diverse in the nation. Our faculty has grown to more than 50 and the College is also now home to both the New Mexico Poison and Information Center and the New Mexico Center for Isotopes in Medicine, building on our record of public service and our distinction as the world’s first licensed radiopharmacy.

In addition to classroom teaching, we have broadened our research and scholarship and now rank 27th in the nation in research funding, offering students experience in first-rate laboratories as well as internships in clinical settings around New Mexico. We have graduated more than 3,100 pharmacists, many of whom stay here in New Mexico to start their careers. Three out of five pharmacists practicing in New Mexico today are our alumni.

Building on the work of those early pioneers who saw the need for a pharmacy school and came together to create one, the College of Pharmacy continues to be a leader in pharmacy education, research and practice.