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Education Overview

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program

Learn the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to practice pharmacy in any setting through our PharmD program. Explore PharmD dual degree opportunities.

Graduate Programs in Pharmaceutical Science

Get specialized training when you earn a Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree at UNM College of Pharmacy. Learn more about our graduate programs.

Pharmacy Residencies and Fellowships

Our Programs

Advance your career with educational opportunities, including professional and graduate degrees, at the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy in Albuquerque.

Join top students and faculty from across the country at our nationally recognized program.

Gain experience through postgraduate programs that match your interest. These include:

Continuing Pharmacy Education

If you’re a practicing pharmacist, build your skills with challenging and rewarding continuing education opportunities.

Nuclear Pharmacy Training

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of online radiopharmacy education and register for available courses.