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The UNM College of Pharmacy is now accepting applications for fall 2019 enrollment into the Doctor of Pharmacy program. Application deadline is December 1, 2018. Early acceptance deadline is September 4, 2018.

Primary Application Process

  • Complete and submit a PharmCAS application. You do not need to fill out the application all in one session, but expect to spend three to six hours total.
  • Pay the PharmCAS application fee of $150 for one school and $55 for each additional school.
  • Arrange to send official transcripts to PharmCAS from each school you attended. You will find it helpful to keep your transcripts on hand while you complete the application.
  • Ask three references to each submit one letter of recommendation to PharmCAS.
  • Complete the PCAT. Send scores to PharmCAS, code 104.

PharmCAS will forward all primary application materials to the UNM College of Pharmacy.

Early Decision

The UNM College of Pharmacy does provide a chance for well-prepared students to apply to the program early via the Early Decision Application. This application will open up towards the end of July and close during the first half of September. Applications are STRONGLY encouraged to have at least Organic Chemistry one, with the lab, complete before application. This provides the college with essential information on your abilities in the science classroom and helps to illuminate other key factors to help identify a student’s overall potential for success in the PharmD program.

In addition, students will need to have ALL PIECES of their application uploaded to their PharmCAS application before the official deadline, for all early decision applications. This includes your PCAT, Letter of Intent, three letter of recommendation, and all transcripts from every college attended. 


The interview process for either the Early or Regular admissions deadline will be the same. After reviewing your application materials, the College of Pharmacy will invite you to participate in an interview in person if your qualifications meet the requirements outlined on the Admissions Overview page, and from above. You must complete the full application process before we will consider you for an interview; this includes the PCAT, three letters of recommendation, submission of all transcripts, and the full PharmCAS application. An interview is required for admission.

The college of Pharmacy conducts interview via the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) process. An MMI interview is a timed interview that has three distinct stages, denoted by bell chimes. Here is a brief video explaining what MMI is. The UNM COP MMI will consist of seven, seven-minute mini interview, conducted in seven different rooms, which cover a broad range of Pharmacy topics. The UNM COP will attach a scenario to a door and the interviewee has two minutes to read and think about the question/scenario. After two minutes, a bell will sound and the interviewee will enter the room and discuss the questions/scenario from the door of that room for 7 minutes. Another bell will sound when the seven minutes is up at which time that scenario or complete and the conversation must, the interviewee must exit the room. The interviewee will then have one minute to transition to the next interview room where the process will begin again.

Accepting Your Spot

If you accept invitation to enroll into the PharmD program, make a $515 deposit to hold your position in the class. We will apply the deposit to your program costs after you enroll. If you do not enroll for the coming Fall term, you lose your deposit.


If you have any questions please do no hesitate to contact the College of Pharmacy Office of Student Services.

Contact us at or 505-272-3241.