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Fellowship Clinical Experience

Our clinical experience for the Neonatal Fellows consists of 52 weeks of clinical service in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit distributed over 3 years. The fellows have increasing responsibility over the 3 years and by completion of the fellowship are able to independently manage a multidisciplinary team caring for critically ill newborns. In addition, there is extensive experience with high-risk deliveries, and rotations in perinatal consultation, maternal fetal medicine and genetics, ECMO, and post-operative cardiac care. The fellows also participate in several transports throughout the 3-year period. The fellows are required to take approximately 150 in-house call nights (less than once a week) throughout the 3-year period, including weekend call (40-60 call nights per year). The multidisciplinary team caring for the patients in the NBICU includes neonatologists, fellows, residents, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatal physicians assistants, nurses, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, developmental specialists, occupational therapists, and social workers.

For a more detailed description of the different clinical rotations available to our fellows, please follow this link: Clinical Rotations.

First Year

Clinical Diagnosis and Management
The first-year fellow in neonatal/perinatal medicine is expected to obtain the required knowledge for clinical practice in order to understand the physiology and altered structure and function of the fetus and neonate and to diagnose and manage medical and surgical problems of the neonate. The fellows in neonatal/perinatal medicine must learn the fundamentals of clinical diagnosis and management of problems seen in the continuum of development from prenatal through intrapartum and neonatal periods, including assessment of outcomes. The fellows attend all high-risk deliveries and participate in at least 2 transports. Service: 18 weeks, Call: 50-60 nights.

Second Year

Clinical Diagnosis and Management
The second-year fellow in neonatal/perinatal medicine is expected to continue on the clinical service as outlined for the first year fellow. However, the second year fellow assumes a greater role of responsibility for prenatal consults, neonatal resuscitation, and managing the team in the NICU. Hence, in the second year, the fellow in neonatal/perinatal medicine still receives supervision, but begins to act more independently than in the first year. Although the fellow performs the prenatal consults independently, the attending in neonatal-perinatal medicine is available for consultation. Fellows also participate in at least 2 transports during the year. Service:18 weeks, Call: 50-60 nights.

Third Year

Clinical Diagnosis and Management
The third-year fellow in neonatal/perinatal medicine is expected to be self-sufficient and manage the multidisciplinary NBICU team with attending supervision as needed. The fellow is expected to do prenatal consults independently, teach the residents and nurse practitioners appropriate techniques in neonatal resuscitation, and to supervise and manage their team in the NICU with appropriate consultation from the attending in neonatology. Fellows also participate in at least 2 transports during the year. Service 16: weeks, Call: 40-50 nights.

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The Neonatal Division is committed to teaching fellows and residents the latest evidence-based medicine related to neonatal patients. There is an active educational program for fellows including didactic and bedside teaching in the NBICU, a weekly Fellows Core Curriculum and multiple other conferences (Conference Schedule).