IIKD Partners with the Chinle Health Council

June 10, 2014 - Micah Clark, Project Coordinator

IIKD members in front of a canyon in Arizona.On Tuesday, June 10th, 2014, IIKD traveled to Chinle, Arizona on the Navajo Nation to facilitate an Action Planning process with the Chinle Health Council (CHC). The Action Planning process was the next step for the CHC in moving forward with their findings from the community health assessment (CHA) they conducted last year. The results from their CHA identified five priority health areas. In no particular order, the health areas are:

  • Obesity and Diabetes
  • Trash, Sanitation, and Environment
  • Injuries, Alcoholism, Binge Drinking and Public Safety
  • Health Literacy and Health Education
  • Culture/Tradition, Families and Parenting

IIKD assisted the CHC and community members in creating action plans to address these health priorities. The process began with Patrick Lynch, MPH, Indian Health Service (IHS) Health Promotion Coordinator, delivering an overview of the assessment and results of the CHA. Nathania Tsosie, IIKD Associate Director and Health Planner, followed up with a focused conversation on the presentation. The action planning process continued with Kyle Smith and I, project coordinators at IIKD, leading a victory visioning exercise and current reality exercise to identify existing strengths, weaknesses, benefits, and dangers. This portion of the process helped set the frame for what is realistic and reminded participants of the importance of their CHA.

CHC GroupFor the remainder of the meeting, the CHC split into groups for each of the priority health areas and built individual Action Plans for a one-year time frame. Groups created goals for each priority health area with specific action steps. IIKD utilized the Technology of Participation methods throughout the Action Planning process. This technique allowed for all participants to voice their opinions while also contributing to the planning process.

IIKD is very appreciative of the CHC for allowing us to be a partner on such an important process. We are excited for the action plans to be implemented and wish them the best.

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