Technology of Participation (ToP): Secrets to Implementation

February 24, 2014 - Micah Clark, Project Coordinator

The IIKD team had the opportunity to advance their Technology of Participation (ToP) training by participating in the ToP Secrets of Implementation course. This course took place at the Embassy Suites hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 14 & 15, 2014. Attendees included our partners from the New Mexico and Seneca Nation community health assessment workshops, and the Center for Native American Health.

ToP trainers, Tim Karpoff and Alisa Oyler, took us on an implementation journey where we learned what it takes to implement plans. Our trainers encouraged us to apply our own projects and/or personal initiative to the stages of implementation. We began by personally acknowledging what implementation is in analogy/simile format. The following are paraphrased examples of what some participants likened implementation to:

  • “Implementation is like flying a kite in that when the wind stops the kite falls”
  • “Implementation is like a box of chocolates in that you never know what you are going to get”

This exercise demonstrated that accomplishing plans may have its challenges but in the end leads to progress. Through ToP implementation practices, we can understand and anticipate these challenges and build and continue momentum to move forward.

The remainder of the course consisted of a walk-through of each of the steps of ToP implementation and tools to support the implementation effort. One particular tool helped us think broadly about stakeholders to include and strategize how to engage them. In learning about each step, participants were given the opportunity to apply what they had learned by mentoring each other in various challenges. This “peer-coaching” activity proved to be helpful. We were able to generate new ideas and momentum to continue our work.

We left with certificates of completion and ways to keep plans and projects alive, relevant, doable, and achievable. Our time spent with our partners and peers was rewarding and we look forward to future gathering!

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