Department of Pathology Clinical Services

Outreach Services


Health care facilities in small communities in New Mexico and surrounding states have an ongoing need for pathology and laboratory medicine services. However, laboratories at such facilities often do not have enough work to support a full-time, on-site pathologist or technical consultant. To improve access to laboratory medicine expertise, the UNM Department of Pathology has developed a laboratory outreach program that provides pathology resources and services for these laboratories. Pathologists and Medical Laboratory Science faculty, representing all the major laboratory medicine disciplines, provide the staffing for this service. The UNM Department of Pathology, Clinical Laboratory Outreach Service significantly contributes to the UNM Health Science Center, Vision 2020 Program, a strategic plan to partner with communities to improve health and health equity throughout New Mexico.


A menu of customizable services includes:

  • Qualified CLIA or CAP Laboratory Medical Directors
  • Clinical and Technical Consultants
  • On-site laboratory consultation visits
  • Phone and E-mail consultations
  • Laboratory accreditation preparation and ongoing compliance
  • Test menu selection and lab utilization optimization
  • Clinical interpretation of laboratory test results
  • Design of laboratory quality assurance and quality improvement programs
  • Scheduled review of quality control and proficiency survey records
  • Response and appropriate corrective action to complaints, quality variances, proficiency survey failures, and accreditation deficiencies
  • Assistance in laboratory design, renovation, and process improvement
  • Transfusion medicine consultation with access to on-call service for after-hours emergencies
  • Clinical Microbiology and Infectious disease testing consultation
  • Technical and clinical support of Point of Care Testing programs
  • Continuing education for laboratory and clinical staff
  • Techincal training and annual competency assessments
  • Service on local hospital and medical staff committees
  • Medical Review Officer service to support hospital employee drug testing programs
  • Assistance to develop successful strategies to recruit and train laboratory personnel to meet current and future needs