Donor Acknowledgment

The Department of Pathology gratefully acknowledges the following donors who contributed through December 31, 2012.

Gold: Gifts of $5,000 & Upward

Dr. Sing-Tsung Chen
Dr. Kathryn and Dr. Elliot Foucar
The Harvey Family
Dr. Nancy Joste and Mr. John Pietz
Dr. Charlie and Mrs. Beverly Key
Dr. Donald King
Dr. Mary Lipscomb and Dr. Rick Lyons
Pathology Associates of Albuquerque

Silver: Gifts of $1000 to $4,999

Dr. and Mrs. William Black III
Dr. Thèrése Bocklage
Dr. Philip Garry and Mrs. Janis Teal
Dr. & Mrs. Ron & Alissa Harvey
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Monica Hussey
Dr. Daniel Kerrigan
Dr. Phillip Mansur
Mr. Sam and Ms. Cathy Mares
Mr. Daniel Montoya
Mr. Donaciano Montoya
Dr. Toby Simon
Dr. Qian-Yun Zhang and Dr. Hua Guo

Turquoise: Gifts of up to $999

Ms. Sue Bassinger
Mr. John and Mrs. Marlena Bermel
Dr. Ann Marie Blenc
Dr. Gerald M. Bordin
Ms. Amy Boule
Mr. John & Mrs. Sandi Budagher
Dr. Kendall Crookston
Dr. Michael Crossey
Ms. Nancy Risenhoover and Mr. Glenn Felton
Dr. Ronald D. Franks
Rosemary and Lon Gregory
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Barbara Griffith
Dr. Brian Hjelle
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Janet Kelly
Mr. Earl William Kennedy
Drs. Mario and Asja Kornfeld
Dr. Christina Mahle
Dr. Leroy C. McLaren
Mr. Eli and Mrs. Deborah Montoya
Ms. Melissa Montoya
Mr. Manuel and Mrs. Maxine Montoya
Mr. and Mrs. David Padilla
Dr. Kenneth Tung
Mr. Jose and Rosaley Valdez
Dr. Angela Wandinger-Ness

Anonymous Gifts

Approximately 40 anonymous gifts* have also been made.

* Preferred to be anonymous/Consent for website publication not yet received