Resident Retreats

Group photo.The Intern Retreat

Every February, interns are relieved of all duties for three days. Interns, their families, the residency directors and coordinator, and a few lucky senior residents invited specifically by the intern class, meet in Taos at the historic Mabel Dodge Luhan House for delicious food, great discussions and lots of fun.

The aim of this retreat is to give hard-working interns a chance to learn, share and reflect in a structural, safe and collegial environment during a very busy time of year.

Legislative Advocacy Retreat

Each October, all interns are released from clinical duties for a day to develop skills essential for advocating for children at the legislative level. There they work with a diverse group of teachers, including lobbyists, legislators, health care providers and families to learn more about the legislative process in New Mexico and practice these skills as part of a multi-disciplinary coalition

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The R2 Retreat

Held in June, all second year residents are freed from clinical duties and they spend the day together. The retreat focuses on career planning and teaching skills. Outside speakers include experts on physician recruiting and career planning as well as former residents who help us better understand life in the “real world." Interactive workshops help us become better teachers for our colleagues and students, and focus on learning styles and giving more effective presentations.

The R3 Retreat

Held in June, all third year residents are freed of all clinical duties, and spend the day together to enjoy New Mexico as a group one last time before graduation.