Teaching Opportunities

Office for Community Faculty

Summer Practicum Clinical Shadowing

  • 1st through 4th week of June
  • 8 hours/week for 4 weeks (32 hours total)
  • Undergraduate students - shadowing only
  • Need physicians in Gallup, Farmington, Hobbs, Silver City, Taos, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, Roswell, Santa Rosa, Lovington


Continuity Clinics

  • 1 full year beginning in March. 12 - half day sessions
  • Develops students basic skills in history, physical exam, note writing and oral presentation to prepare students for clerkship
  • Need Primary Care and Emergency physicians within 20 miles of Albuquerque for both 

Practical Immersion Experience

  • August-September - 6 weeks - 5 half days per week which consolidates students’ basic clinical skills
  • Need Primary Care physicians (FP, IM, Peds, EM) throughout New Mexico 


Family Medicine Phase II Clerkship

  • Scheduled throughout the year
  • 5 half-days per week for 8 weeks
  • Need Family Practice physicians throughout New Mexico 

Specialty Exploration Experience

  • May - April of student’s third-year
  • 10 sessions - 1-2 afternoons per month
  • Need all specialties and subspecialties
  • Albuquerque only 

Medicine in New Mexico

  • Scheduled throughout the year
  • 4-week rotation - min. 96 hours
  • Need all specialties and subspecialties throughout New Mexico

Rotations can take place anywhere in New Mexico

PA Clerkships

  • FM, IM, Gen Surgery, EM, Peds, Ob/Gyn, BH and electives for subspecialties
  • January - August: Min. of 32 hours per week for 4 weeks(each)
  • Need placements in all specialties throughout NM.Increased demand for Pediatric and Women’s Health/Obstetrics providers
  • MD, DO, PA and NP are all encouraged to participate!

Rotations can take place anywhere in New Mexico

PT Clinical Experience I

  • Summer semester
  • 6 weeks, full-time, 240 hours (each)
  • Outpatient Orthopedics setting
  • First-year student 

PT Clinical Experiences II-IV

  • Spring & Fall Semester
  • 9 weeks, full-time, 360 hours (each)
  • Any clinical setting, can include specialties
  • Third-year student, post-didactic

Rotations can take place anywhere in New Mexico

OT Fieldwork I- Spring Semester

  • Orthopedics: First-year students: 1 week, 40 hours (each)
  • Pediatrics: second-year students: 1 week , 40 hours OR 2-3hours once/week throughout semester (each)

OT Fieldwork I- Fall Semester

  • Neurological conditions: second-year students: 1 week, 40hours (each)

OT Fieldwork II- Summer & Fall Semesters

  • Any setting: second-year students: 12 weeks/full time (each)

Become a member of the UNM School of Medicine community faculty

Email completed application to ocf@salud.unm.edu, along with your current CV.