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Albuquerque Campus Option

Pre-Licensure BSN

This option is designed for students who do not have an RN License and who want to attend UNM Health Sciences Center Campus in Albuquerque, NM. Students apply in their sophomore year at UNM or as a transfer student.

You will be prepared. Our program prepares you to excel on the National Council Licensure Examination – Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) licensing exam with the New Mexico State Board of Nursing.

Application Deadline

Spring Entry
June 30 - September 15

Fall Entry
October 15 - February 15

Admissions considers all verified applications received by the deadline.

Minimum Requirements to Apply

  • UNM or transfer sophomore enrolled in pre-nursing or equivalent
  • 2.75 GPA in prerequisites
  • HESI A2 exam, scoring a minimum of 75%
  • Successful completion of nursing prerequisites

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Your Education

  • Three semesters of prerequisites.
  • Five consecutive terms, including summers, upon admission to the UNM College of Nursing Health Sciences Albuquerque Campus.
  • Coursework on campus.
  • Experiential clinical courses in community, inpatient/outpatient, hospital, and laboratory/simulation center settings.


You will start with your prerequisites and begin your nursing courses in the 2nd semester of your sophomore year. You will spend a full 20 months in the program. Upon completion of the curriculum you with finish with 122 credits. Well worth it to care for New Mexico and beyond.

Prerequisite Semester 1 (16 credits)

  • English- Composition I (3)
  • Biology- Biology for Health Sciences lecture/lab (4)
  • Psychology- Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • Math prerequisite as needed for Chemistry and/or Statistics (3)
  • UNM General Education Area 1, 5, 6 or 7 (3)

Prerequisite Semester 2 (16 credits)

  • English - Composition II (3)
  • Chemistry- Introduction to Chemistry lecture/lab (4)
  • Mathematics- Introduction to Statistics (3)
  • Nursing- Lifespan Growth and Development (3)
  • UNM General Education Area 1, 5, 6 or 7 (3)

Prerequisite Semester 1 (16 credits)

  • Biology- Microbiology for Health Sciences lecture/lab (4)
  • Biology- Anatomy and Physiology I (3)
  • Nursing- Pathophysiology I (3)
  • UNM General Education Area 1, 5, 6 or 7 (3)
  • UNM General Education Area 1, 5, 6 or 7 (3)

Nursing Level 1 (16 credits)

  • Nursing- Pathophysiology II (3)
  • Biology - Anatomy and Physiology II (3)
  • NMNC- Introduction to Nursing Concepts (3)
  • NMNC- Principles of Nursing Practice (3)
  • NMNC- Evidence-Based Practice (3)

Nursing Level 2 (13/14 credits)

  • NMNC- Nursing Pharmacology (3)
  • NMNC- Health and Illness Concepts I (3)
  • NMNC- Health Care Participant (3)
  • NMNC- Assessment and Health Promotion (4)
  • Nursing Honors (if accepted) (1)

Nursing Level 3 (15/16 credits)

  • NMNC- Care of Patients with Chronic Conditions (4)
  • NMNC- Health and Illness Concepts II (3)
  • NMNC- Professional Nursing Concepts I (3)
  • Nursing elective or Nursing Honors (if accepted) (3/2)
  • UNM General Education Area 1, 5, 6 or 7 (3)

Nursing Level 4 (14/15 credits)

  • NMNC- Clinical Intensive I (4)
  • NMNC- Clinical Intensive II (4)
  • NMNC- Health and Illness Concepts (4)
  • Nursing elective or Nursing Honors (if accepted) (3/2)

Nursing Level 5 (14/15 credits)

  • NMNC- Clinical Intensive III (4)
  • NMNC- BSN Capstone (4)
  • NMNC- Concept Synthesis (3)
  • NMNC- Professional Nursing Concepts II (3)
  • Nursing Honors (if accepted) (1)

Academic Calendars & Register for Classes

Clinical Experiences

Clinical Experiences

In your in-person or tele-health clinical experiences, you will develop your skills with practice, as you interact with your patients. 

Simulating Real-World Experiences

From IV pumps to high-fidelity manikins. Our simulation labs allow for clinical experiences in a safe, low risk environment.

Your Objectives

In our program you will meet the following objectives:
  • Engage in professional nursing practice that is patient-centered and culturally appropriate for individuals, families and communities.
  • Integrate principles of quality improvement and safety into nursing practice within health care organizations and systems.
  • Deliver nursing care that is evidence-based.
  • Demonstrate leadership behaviors through the application of policies that apply to health care delivery.
  • Engage in effective interprofessional collaboration in the delivery of health care for quality patient outcomes.
  • Use technologies for the management of information and delivery of patient care.

Support for Your Education

The majority of our students received some form of financial aid – scholarship, grant, loan, work study or teaching assistant position.

We also offer more than $270,000 in UNM College of Nursing scholarships. Individual scholarship amounts range from $200-$4,000 annually.

Admissions, Tuition & Financial Aid

Ensuring Your Success

We are dedicated to your education and providing ongoing support for all of our students. That is why we have Student Success Coordinators. We offer services to individual students and small groups.

Virtual Campus Experience

Explore the UNM College of Nursing’s Virtual Campus Experience and what being an undergraduate UNM student nurse means.


Moving forward with the next steps to becoming a BSN prepared nurse is exciting. There is lots of information to consider as you prepare to apply. We know you have questions. We have answers. Just reach out to us.

Our experienced advisors and BSN Pre-Licensure Program Director, Susan Koronkiewicz, MSN, RN, CNE, CCRN are ready to answer your questions.

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