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Radioactive materials are used in medical diagnosis and therapy in human patients, human research subjects, research and development, animal studies, student instruction, shielding and instrument calibration in UNM facilities, and at temporary job sites within the State of New Mexico (not under exclusive Federal jurisdiction) as approved by the Radiation Control Committee.

The UNM Radioactive Material License and the UNM Radiation Safety Manual must be followed in regard to radioactive materials and other sources of ionizing radiation. Each individual or group who wishes to initiate a program that has radiological implications shall submit a written proposal to the Radiation Safety Office. All uses of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials must be performed under the authority of a Radiation Permit.

The responsibilities and duties of the Radiation Safety Office include:

  • Maintenance of radioactive materials, accelerator licenses and X-Ray machine registrations
  • Radiation safety training
  • Personnel radiation monitoring
  • Receipt and inventory of radioactive materials
  • Radiation surveys and compliance
  • Clinical radiation treatment support
  • Radiation safety procedure design and review
  • Radioactive waste disposal

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Radiation Safety
MSC 08 4560
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Physical Location:
RHFH (Fitz Hall) - Room B89