Radioactive Waste

Radioactive waste generated on campus is not to be discarded into the regular sanitary waste disposal system. Specific rules, regulations, and guidelines must be followed for the disposal of radioactive waste. Emphasis is placed on segregation of different types of waste according to radionuclide, half-life, chemical form, physical form, or combination thereof.

Under the university's radioactive materials license, radioactive waste with a half-life shorter than 90 days can be held for decay under the decay-in-storage program and safely disposed of as non-radioactive waste once the nominal radioactivity levels have become indistinguishable from background levels. All other radioactive waste must be collected and packaged for disposal to an outside licensed disposal facility.

Radioactive waste burial sites charge by the cubic foot, so all radionuclide users are asked to make a conscious effort to minimize the volume of radioactive waste generated in their laboratories. All radioactive waste streams need to have prior approval by the Radiation Safety Office before generation is started. Please follow the appropriate guidelines for the disposal of radioactive waste.

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