CNAH Convocation 2019

Images from the 2019 American Indian Health Sciences Graduation Recognition Ceremony hosted by CNAH, held on May 8, 2019, at the Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown.

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Group Photo

Group photo of tribal leadership with graduates.

Angelina Yazzie.

Angelina Yazzie - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Aria Sanders.

Aria Sanders - Master of Science, Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner

Brianna Lee.

Brianna Lee - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Cheynne Delorme

Cheyenne Delorme - Bachelor of Science, Population Health

Christine Sanchez

Christine Sanchez - Doctor of Physical Therapy

CNAH Staff

CNAH Staff - L-R: Leya Tsosie, Micah Clark, Jessica Ahiyite, Nathania Tsosie, Sherrie MacFarlane

Dr. Danielle Chang

Dr. Danielle Chang - Completion of Residency, Pediatrics

Felicia Otto

Felicia Otto - Bachelor of Science, Population Health

Gwendolyn Spencer

Gwendolyn Spencer - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Woman performing honor hoop dance

Honor Hoop Dance performance.

Group of graduates.

Honoring of graduates.

Black and white side shot of graduates.


Jaron Kee giving a key note speech.

Jaron Kee - Student Keynote.

Jaron Kee

Jaron Kee - Doctor of Medicine

Joshua Sheak

Joshua Sheak - Doctor of Medicine

Justine Yazzie

Justine Yazzie - Master of Science, Health Education

Katonya Begay

Katonya Begay - Bachelor of Science, Population Health

Kimberly Yazzie-Ford

Kimberly Yazzie-Ford - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Lekeisha Harrison & her Family

Lekeisha Harrison & Family - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Leslie Neher

Leslie Neher - Doctor of Medicine

Lostah Johnson

Lostah Johnson - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Malia Ashley & her Family

Malia Ashley & Family - Doctor of Medicine

Mechelle Cody

Mechelle Cody - Bachelor of Science, Emergency Medicine Services

Micah Silverfox

Micah Silverfox - Bachelor of Science, Dental Hygiene

Miranda Yellowhorse

Miranda Yellowhorse - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

NACA Zuni Language Class

NACA Zuni Language Class - Students (9-12 grades) from the Native American Community Academy Zuni Language Class opened and closed the ceremony with prayers in the Zuni Language. Teacher: Kellen Shelendewa.

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee - Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Barrett speaking from stage.

Declaration of Geneva - Dr. Barrett provided a brief background on the translation of the Declaration of Geneva into the Navajo Language. Medical Student Graduates Jaron Kee and Nicole Lee recited the declaration in Navajo.

Phoenix McClanahan

Phoenix McClanahan - Doctor of Pharmacy

Regis Pecos giving a keynote speech.

Regis Pecos - Keynote

Regis Pecos holding plaque.

Regis Pecos - CNAH Honored Governor Pecos for his dedication and service to High Education.

Shayla Jim & Family

Shayla Jim & Family - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

ShiDawn Crank

ShiDawn Crank - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Sierra Yessilth and Family

Sierra Yessilth - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Tenley Vigil

Tenley Vigil - Master of Public Health

Toni Reed

Toni Reed - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Group of tribal leaders

Tribal Leadership - L-R: Dr. Kevin Goodluck (Navajo Nation), Gov. Regis Pecos (Cochiti), Gov. Kurt Riley (Acoma), President Jonathan Nez (Navajo Nation), Gov. Max Zuni (Isleta), Gov. Val Panteah (Zuni)

Venita Yawakie-Lucero

Venita Yawakie-Lucero - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Stacy McLendon

Stacy McLendon - Doctor of Pharmacy

Josh Sheak receiving robe.
Robing Josh Sheak - Doctor of Medicine
Three graduates

Graduates - L-R: Kimberly Yazzie-Ford, Angelina Yazzie, Venita Yawakie-Lucero

Three girls sitting at a table.
Volunteers and Micah Clark - L-R: Bethany Cohnheim, Jessica Benally, Micah Clark

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